CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

Life Is Like Vinyl

I have turned a corner
Time seems so unaccountable
Feels like yesterday
Seems like a lifetime
So much has unfolded

This means I was moving
Although giving the impression of being stuck
Like a needle on a scratched record
Seemingly somehow but so very slowly
Still playing out the written destiny

Like a treasured disc of vinyl
Life follows an already etched track
That is played in the same familiar motion
Of the circle we call life

When we fight against what is destined
The same tune will play over and over.
Although we write the script for our own journey
Why do I feel like I am walking down a busy road blindfolded?
If I look behind I can clearly see where I have traveled
But if I look forward I cannot see the next step
To move ahead is inevitable
The outcome of this chosen destination
Is a place unknown.

July 21st 2004


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