Life Is Love And Love Is Life

Poem By Dr. Antony Theodore

This expression that
life is love and love is life
is very ancient
pronounced by ancient seers.

But we have lost contact
with this love in the modern age.

Our distractions like
sexual attraction,
running after money,
unstable emotions,
religious dogmas,
are very strong in us
having strange roots.

Return to our true nature
in the experience
of the true spirit.

Comments about Life Is Love And Love Is Life

Return to our true nature in the experience of the true spirit. Home is where love is. That's where we all should remain........10
Love cannot be separated from life and life needs love always. We cannot imagine life without love. This is very true. An excellent poem is beautifully penned.10
Well said Tony. A cherished poem indeed. Thank you for sharing.
The human world provides many distractions for us. It is imperative to unlearn everything we have been taught from the moment we entered this world in order to find 'our' own truth. If we are beings of unconditional love, we will attract the same kind of love to us like a magnet! Very insightful poem, profound and sublime. Tfs, dearest Tonyyyyy...
The last stanza carries wisdom! An insightful write my friend.....10

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