Life Is Not A Fairytale

Poem By Krystal Galvis

My life is not a fairytale
I hate that I'm weak
I hate that my divorce parents fight all the time for stupid things:
And did I mention, money?

I hate fighting with my mom
And I'm the one who has to get hurt
I hate my parents treating me like a child
I'm not a child
I'm nobody's baby

I hate getting hurt
Because I can still feel the pain
Physically and mentally
Even if the evidence is gone.

Why me?
Why do I have to be to stop all of the stupid violence?
Can't someone else do it?
Not me?
I'm just a teenager
I may be close to being an adult


If I can't handle being at home
How will I handle being in the real world?

Life is definitely not a fairytale.
I know that much...

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