Life Is Not Life Without Light

Poem By duke perry abrokwa

In a round way of life
what does a man need?
a woman to be call a wife?
or a plot to grow some whets?

just lie down in the night
with your eyes gaze at the light
knowing nothing could be done with your might
and ask yourself is that all to life

some think life is all about making wealth
or having a family with good health
they gain all they thought but is like joy as melt
still the same life is to be felt

they try to seek for other solutions
but it becomes a greater situation
is like life is a place without salvation

that is the a place call the world
now let talk about my place call the word
u don't need to be in the dark nights
where satisfactions have great might
because you have come to the light
just believe in Jesus and shine so bright

Comments about Life Is Not Life Without Light

A wonderful poem imbued with wisdom and insight. A meaningful message to humanity. Well crafted write with great rhyme.
Witty reflection on life, well conceived and elegantly penned in beautiful rhyme scheme with conviction. A beautiful creation Duke. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

5,0 out of 5
3 total ratings

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