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Life Is Perfect Sometimes
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Life Is Perfect Sometimes

Poem By Max Reif

Glorious long days
hang from the sun until dark,
beauty stacked upon beauty
and all of it for Love.

Vast prairie of day
with another one to follow,
the trees burning fires in the sky.

Time is a lazy, tame horse
and leisure a profession.

No imperative exists
but to drift like a cloud
through the sky of my day,
doing whatever I love.

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Comments (10)

This would be perfection. We know enough to value such times when we're young, and also when we've matured sufficiently (a long time coming) , but would we be wise enough to settle for this during the in-between phase.? Wise words. Beautiful poetry. jim
I think it is a lovely poem expressing a moment of enlightenment.
it's boring! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The title is a poem in itself, Max. Because it offers a lot of meaning. Though life is not perfect always, there are moments when you can touch that point of perfection and just feel happy and contented... I like it! I liked the expression, Time is a lazy, tamed horse...suits the hour of leisurely thinking just so well. And a touch of Wordworth in that last stanza... 'drift like a cloud' brings these lines to mind 'I wander lonely as a cloud'. A singular pursuit carried forward in solitude with reflectiveness...
Some fantastic images here, Max. I just live the idea of 'trees burning fire in the skies'. This is the sort of life everyone would would like to lead when it comes down to it. Another thing I liked is the poem's intensity and flow. A good read!