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Life Is Quite Fragile
EB ( / Earth)

Life Is Quite Fragile

If Earth
Were a seed bed
Long ago sown
With life
That flourished
So the fruit is now grown
Is it spring?
Is it summer?
Or is it the fall?
How long have we got
On this heavenly ball?
For one thing we have learnt
We know Earth can change
Man is not the master
He holds not the reins
Our planet has cycles
It wears the crown
Protects its resources
It's oceans moves round
Life is quite fragile
It comes
And it goes
With the ice
With the desert
With the wind
When it blows

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Comments (3)

I enjoyed the elegance and tone of this poetic piece; I'll be reading more of your work.
I really like this poem Egal. It says so much and it is so honestly true. It scares me to ask these questions but I do wonder this same thing very often. Very good poem. sincerely, Mary
A lovely explanation of our planet earth Egal, I loved reading it. It certainly makes you think. Sincerely Ernestine Northover