Life.. Is Real..

The trace of breath was so faint
Contrasting the dreadful loud beep
It shows your dependency on it
Clinging your life tightly to a life machine

I know you can't see me
As much as you can't hear me
But I'm sure lord will answer me
When I asked him let it not be me

You once whispered words of wisdom into my ears
Which I stubbornly convinced myself that it ain't worth
And I didn't realize till much later
What you said could be just honest

' Life is harsh
Life is tough
Life is real
Not just a thrill '

Didn't get to see the severity
Didn't get to know the vulnerabilty
Wasn't sympathetic towards your weakness
Wasn't bright enough to detect your unhappiness

Laughter seem to hide my sadness
When I had no choice but to agree
Life wasn't just about existence
Even if it means you're here

It could just stop
When a slash run across your wrist
All comes to an end
When I don't cherish it

Leave if you have to
Break free if you want to
I had to learn it the hard way
Neglection wasn't the best solution

Trifolium Repens

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