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Life Is Real...
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Life Is Real...

We art real
You - Blood - Being
Rhythm - Soul - Beat

Everything fits, now isn´t this neat`?

Blame the Karma, Joss, Fate
Hey, you wanna be my mate?
Forget the order,
Step over the border! -
It´s all you ever get.

Dispair? Empty echoes in a shell,
Just see, retreive and run like hell.

Screw it, I say, screw what´s slow and chilly -
Who gives a damn? !

Do you what you like
- see what it´s like.
And never make a difference.

It´s all up to you, you know?
Cherish the world, let it die with one blow
It´s the one and only.
Our show.
Your show.
It´s nothing but a goddamn game.
Either you play it - or you´ll go insane.

Take the high exit,
run free and wild.
You´re alive, you´re human,
Mother, Father and child.

It´s all we get, no moment to waste, we hustle and bustle it´s time for haste.

Jump to your feet and feel the beat - the streaming blood in your vains is the clock life contains. Once it stops, don´t wait for it to go on - it´s just your soul that lives on.

Run, run my friend, comrade,
fellow man. The lesson has begun, but the aim ain´t the test - It´s the way how you get there, no time to rest.

Sit down for a while, let your spirit grow wings.
See the notes of the melody of life mark the way, made by crystal strings.

Open your eyes and take a look around - Tomorrow is free for everyone - it only has to be found.

Continue the line,
jump to the next verse,
join the chorus and join the melody which breaks the curse.

.... Are you still here?

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Now this one I got...I like the rhythm; the beat. The part that starts 'The one and only...' makes a good hook. Good job.