Life Is Stupid, Life Is Dumb.

Poem By Sylvi Hart

Life is stupid, life is dumb
Life is cruel, and devious to some
See the steeple, hear the bell
I speak of religion, short of which I've fell
Feel the beggars sorrow and his pain
See the crippled limping with his cane
Hear the babies, crying in the street
Feel saddened when you hear about the children dying in the heat
Think about the sadness within our heart
It seems almost fictional, almost an art
With all these problems, whose to blame
Carelessness and greediness, have brought upon us shame
Life is stupid, life is dumb
Life is cruel, and devious to some.

Comments about Life Is Stupid, Life Is Dumb.

This one is really good. You described your emotions acutely.
heeey that is a good poem: D i like it

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