Life Is Temporary, Here Is My Temporary Life For You


life is temporary, so temporary that it is like something
that you see
and then don't because it has escaped like slippery water from
the hold of your hands,
like a mist, like a fuming vapor from boiling water,
like an air that merely passes by your gaze
like the wind
that comes and goes away from your window
like a cloud that drifts
away from your roof, like a leaf that falls from a tree,
like a flower that blooms today
and tomorrow goes away in the wilting petals
life is so temporary like the ticking of the clock
that you hear at night
when again you cannot sleep
this is life
this is my life it is so temporary
and with all my heart
i will hand it to you as a gift
take it
take it

do you think that my life now exends your life?
do you think that you with my life can live a litlle longer?

take it
take it
it is all yours

because i still love you because i have long been dead in this pain
of you
not loving me despite....

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Always live onwards, in the words you leave behind peoples' dreams will be made from. Allowing them to live in a state of impermanence and escape our physical world

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