AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Life Is Too Short

I'm sure, when given a great deal
of thought, you begin to realize,
life is too short! We waste a lot of
time, over trivial things, when none
of us knows, what tomorrow brings.
We should do our best, to make
each minute count, be careful and
watch what we say. Just enjoy every
moment, for all too soon, it slips away!
All of us, at one time or another, has
taken life for granted, that's not the
way, it should be. Nothing, lasts
forever wake up to reality! Let's hold
on to all we cherish, let nothing, stand
in your way, remember, life is too
short, so get on with it, today!

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nice poem... yes life is short so you should do everything to make your life worthy... enjoy life