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Life Is Tough For Many

Life is tough for many in the big World out there
The homeless and hungry have never been rare
Too many far too many of malnutrition dying or have died
And the gap between the haves and the have nots keeps growing ever wide.

Without a place to call home to and without food to eat
So many live hungry on Poverty Street
They sleep on a park bench or disused factory doorway
And few of them will live on to grow old and gray.

Your problems in life to their's do seem quite small
And do not judge them harshly or why judge them at all
Since our gift of life does come only by chance
And you've been more fortunate than most in your birth circumstance.

One fact applies to us all and facts never lie
That we are mere mortals and born to die
But in a Human World where many grow poorer for every new millionaire
For the poor and the homeless life does seem unfair.

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