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Life Is Unfair
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Life Is Unfair

Life is Unfair, Oh yes it is.
I don't have a fairy godmother, pop, bang whizz.
Who will make things better in a wave of her wand,
Or even for those of whom I'm fond.

The love of my life always seems to disappear.
Then I'm confronted by my worst fear.
No family, no friends, no one who cares.
Life is Dull, Life is Unfair.

Always working without any praise.
I live my life in one big haze.
All the days blurred together, no celebration or fun.
Until the day I met my one true love.

Then my luck disappeared and so did he.
If I ever meet him again I'll shout with glee.
My chances are slim but I don't care.
Because I know that life is Unfair.

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Well Stephi - Life is not at all unfair. It is we who make it unfair. Kindly rethink and reply.- Pradeep
Nice poem stephanie, liked and recognise the subject well. Charlie.
are you fair? ................
Your poem is so real u r a talented poet and should keep on goin thanx 4 sharing ~*Gen*~
well good going nice and intersting poem and don't we all know at some point in life that life is Unfair..... keep on writing and thanx for sharing **KoNi**