It Is Better To

It is better
Thursday,11th July 2019

It is better we become sensible
and avoid unnecessary struggle
stop creating problems!
for small and big nations

we may have poverty
and misery too
but how far are we true?
to make others suffer and pass through

how can other nations be made responsible?
for sufferings in the native places
for the unemployment and corruption
for mishandling the affairs of the nation!

many people try to enter illegally
and cause the burden economically
not all nations can allow you to flood
and starve their own people for food

it must be understood
that it is for the good
to allow other nations to develop of their own
and cause no other concerns

not even rich nations can afford
and allow you with welcome words
we have seen how migrants cause law and order problems
it is better for them not to enter by illegal means

Hasmukh Mehta

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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(Life—is What We Make Of It - Poem by Emily Dickinson]) Beautiful poem. And so meaningful.
........fabulous writing style ★
Emily Dickinson is one of the great American poets, as is our tradition, or should I say the breaking of tradition - she set aflame many poets of the day... but I hold her dear!