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Life Is What You Make Of It As Some Do Like To Say

Life is what you make of it as some do like to say
Though circumstance in all of this does have some part to play
The one from a broken home and homeless as a teen of success stands little chance
Life is what you make of it does seem can depend on circumstance
It is said from life we receive what only is our due
Though in some cases it does apply this is not always true
For those born on Poverty Street life is a battle all of the way
Survival for them is success they live from day to day
Life is what you make of it to some does apply
But of a fair go their very circumstance of birth many does deny
Everyday the have nots of the Human World must struggle to survive
Success may never come to them though hard for it they may try
Life is what you make of it words of wisdom i recall
But as we only know too well this does not apply to all.

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