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Life Is What You Make Of It Some Are Known To Say

Life is what you make of it some are known to say
Though not everybody does see it that way
If you are quite poor and in financial strife
How can you speak positively about life.

Some say that from life we receive what we are due
But in many cases this is simply not true
Those of the poor suburb would see it differently
With what life is what you make of it they would hardly agree.

Life is what you make of it one surely can say
Of people who never have known a hard day
They go to big parties their wealthy friends multiply
Life is what you make of it to their sort does apply.

To those to who where they do live do not have any choice
Life is what you make of it is not good advice
Can one blame them if such advice they would not heed
As 'tis been somewhile since they've enjoyed a good feed.

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