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Life Is Worth The Struggle

We hear so much of terminal illnesses of people dying in their prime
But the longest life is not that long we all become victims of time
And whether you live to be one hundred or die at twenty five
The thing that keeps us living is our desire to survive
We all have our life's crosses some heavy for to bear
And our big and little sorrows and our moments of despair
And hard times may seem ahead of us and our better days may be gone
And tis our lust for living that keeps us keeping on,
You may find it a struggle on life's steep slippery slope
But like a wise one once said where there is life there is hope
Just to hope for something better for hope is in us all
To rally when we feel depressed to rise after a fall,
I only fear the fear of death of that why should i lie
And life is worth the struggle why should one wish to die?

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