AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Life Isn'T Really Fair

I've come to the conclusion, life isn't
really fair! You put your heart, into
what you do, but the things you want,
just aren't there! What does it take, to
make things, go your way? You strive
very hard, but it still, doesn't pay! How,
do you get it going? What do you have
to do? What does it take, to be
acknowledged and be noticed, too? I
happen to be very talented and strive,
for recognition, to stake my claim, to
fame! But, in this world we live in, you're
nobody, unless you have a name! How
ridiculous, I find this, to be. How, is it
possible to get well known, if they don't
take, a chance on me? Well, I feel it's
their loss, as I have faith, in what I do!
And one of these day's, I'll become
famous, as I'll not give up, or give in.
I'll hold my head up high anf heave, a
great big sigh, because hook or by
crook, in the end, I'm, going to win!

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