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Life Isn'T That Bad

If you feel that life has done you wrong
And the will to die in you is strong
Don't give up life's worth another try
Only an insane man would rather die.

Life isn't meant to be a bed of flowers
Everybody have their lonely hours
Everybody have their times of woe
Unhappiness is a thing that we all know.

Self pity is a thing one should avoid,
Self pity makes one contemplate suicide,
Self pity only makes you feel more sad
Cheer up my friend life isn't all that bad.

Tis short enough the human life time span
Life's short enough so live long as you can
Why should you want to die before your day
Tis soon enough life from you death will take away.

Life is what you make of it that's true
Depression and worries are nothing new
Other people have their worries too
And they don't wish to die, so why should you? .

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