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Life It Just Goes On

They came from different backgrounds and were different as chalk and cheese
And she was quite ambitious and he not hard to please
And he was one of those without an ambitious life plan
And the parents for their daughter see him as the wrong sort of a man.

Such a bloke for their daughter not good enough they said
She needed a good provider for the years that lay ahead
An educated professional with a uni degree
In science or engineefring or in technology.

The passion in their relationship it lasted for awhile
But passion can die quickly and about that he now smile
When she told him it was over he did not feel moved to tears
He went into the local pub and he drank a couple of beers.

Two with different expectations such relationships do not last
And he does not lament for what might have been and shed tears for the past
He feels happy that she ended it she would not be his ideal wife
He now enjoys the odd one night stand and less stress in his life.

She has found herself a new love a civil engineer
And they are engaged to be married at the end of the year
And her parents now feel happier they've welcomed this one to the family
And he is one they feel proud to call a son in law to be.

They had different life expectations and much in common did not share
And when she told him it was over he did not seem to much care
For their relationship had foundered and all of the love and passion out of it had gone
And he now enjoys the one night stand and life it just goes on.

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