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Life Just Knocks Me Down
(25th March 1943 / )

Life Just Knocks Me Down

Poem By Ernestine Northover

Some days I feel that 'life' just knocks me down,
Those harsh words said, your sharpness and your frown,
Remembering these things, what is the answer - how
Can I shake off those hurting actions now,
With each one forever chipping at my soul,
Sending me deep into this consuming hole
That I have carved into my life, when you
Departed for some other avenue.

I face this question with each day I greet,
How can I stay so upright on my feet,
When with a heavy heart, I try to face
The realisation that I must replace
You with another, Oh, how hard a task
For such as I, who hides behind a mask
With shattered thoughts I try hard to conceal.
Like an actor playing parts that are not real.

© Ernestine Northover

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Comments (10)

A powerful piece of work Ernestine, born out of tragedy. Love Andrew xxx
The mask is worn by so many Ernestine, you are not alone.All are guilty from one time or another.Strange title to this though, as you just pick me up.Love Duncan
This is really good inner dramatic monologue with fantastic use of enjambment to create a hesitancy and give the lines more sharpness. It gave me that 'I've been there before' feel.
You have expressed the ache so well: other avenues. If we all had the acceptance of the girl on your Sampler poem!
The honesty is refreshing. The couplets are very strong. Daniel