The Orb Weaver Spider

The Orb Weaver spider spins her web,
Round and round and round.
She works away slowly and silently,
Without making a single sound.

She's patient and determined,
No matter how long it takes,
And, if the web gets badly damaged,
The whole thing she will just remake.

She secures her new web
Between a fence and a washing line,
Then retreats into the middle of it,
Hoping that everything will be just fine.

Unfortunately, the house owner
Hangs her tea towel right there.
The web is now in tatters
And has to be repaired.

This situation with the tea towel,
Happens again and again and again.
Having to repair the web constantly,
Is starting to become a really big pain.

Having seen this fine work of art hung there,
The owner shows the spider no respect.
She just carries on hanging it there regardless.
Whether the web is there or not, she hasn't checked.

The spider and the house owner
Are now at war and neither will give in.
Neither of them will budge an inch,
So neither of them will ever win.

But, the year rolls on and on.
Like the rest of her kind, the spider will die.
One day, she's just not there anymore,
Having gone to meet her maker in the sky.

by Angela Wybrow

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