CGT (February 11th,1988 / Killeen, Texas)

Life Lesson

Life is a complicated thing.
Nothing in it will come easily.
You've got to want something.
Really want it, then go get it.

Nothing ever found is free.
You will find you must
earn everything you need.
You will be rewarded.

Life is a process in which
there is a never ending
trial and error effect.
In the end you will learn.

Life will be a challenge.
You must face it head on.
Never give up on your goals.
If you fall, get back up.

In life you must have faith
in yourself and what you do.
You must always have confidence.
You should never doubt yourself.

You must make the most of your time.
Live a complete and rewarding life
and then you will die a happy soul.
Never take anything for granted.

Remember, things often get worse
before they get better. Have faith
in God that things will turn out well.
Believe it so, therefore they will.

Never let yourself be swallowed
by the bad things in this world.
Always stay true to yourself.
You determine right from wrong.

There are many evils in this world.
You must always steer clear of such
things. You are born with a pure heart.
It is your choice to remain this way.

by Christopher G. Turner

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Ok, I love the subject of this one; you are wise beyond your years. However, I think the structure and grammar need work. With a little tweeking - it could be your best.