Life Lessons 4: Happiness

Poem By D.C J.C

There's no such thing as 'Happy Forever'
Sometimes we have succeeded something,
We feel happy.
But happiness will not last long.
Which is why we sometimes says 'Boring'

Love sometimes do not create happiness,
They create more pain instead.

(This poem should be read by Cassandra Chai, My friend)

Comments about Life Lessons 4: Happiness

Yo Dude, Yeah. Just Read Here =P Haha. Keep Up The Good Job Writing More xD. Obviously No One's Gonna Be Happy If One Broke Another Person's Heart. And Well, Love Can Be painful And Not At The Same Time. Depends What Happens Anyways. =S
i agree what u said....if de person break ur heart....u won't be happy...but if dat person make u laugh...u'll be happy....cass should read

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My name is D.C
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