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Life Lost...
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Life Lost...

Poem By Madison Riley

If only I saw what you see in me
If my eyes were open, If I was complete

But now I'm just a hollow shell
Trying and trying and trying like hell

To discover what has been hiding under
Deep inside, secrets and thunder

Right now I am calm
My vision is clear

My pages are empty
I've nothing to fear

So as I am writing my own book of life
I read back through the sorrow and pain

Omitting the good times, feeling the bad
And always rejoicing in the rain

But these pages, the empty ones that remain
I promise myself that I won't refrain

I'll write these pages true to myself
From the good to the bad to the life living hell

Because it is all of these things that are part of me
And who else would you want me to be?

There is no changing what has already been written
But the path I choose now is of most resistance

It's not a life lost, but a life to win back
It's something to work for, to keep me on track

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Comments (2)

you are a very talented writer.
Well said! I think this is something everyone struggles with, something that is inherent in the human condition and you've expressed it poignantly