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Life Love
AR (05/01/1982 / )

Life Love

Poem By Andrew Rose

I breathe you in when I hold you close,
It’s like air for my soul,
Which becomes refreshed and filled with life once more.

I am comforted by your presence,
Your warmth of heart,
Which I see when I delve deep into your eyes,
Uncovering the mystery surrounding you.

There is no mystery,
No lies or falseness,
Your heart beats true,
Your love is as inviting as it’s always been.

Doubts drowned out,
Fears fade fast,
There is nothing but a freedom of life,
Which flows out from within,
Slowly ebbing,
Constantly comforting in its presence.

This love will last,
Every part of my body and soul feels this way,
And everything in my life,
Apart from you,
Becomes an insignificant other,
Living outside of us,
On the edge of existence.

A warm flame warms my heart now,
Always alive,
Forever true to you.

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Methinks someone is slightly smitten..... and expresses it beautifully. t x