Life/Love Story

Your Arms Are Like A Place Of Safety
Im Starting To Convince Myself This Is Real
Am I Crazy?
I've Dreampt This Dream Before
Will You Save Me?
Show Me The Aspects Of Forever
And Just Maybe
I Might Find Courage Trust And Faith In My Lady
Im Not A Stresser
Not In This Game Of Love
Cuz I Chose Not To Play
Is It What Im Thinkinq Of?
You Show Me Tender Loving Care
All I Ever Asked For Was Someone Like You I Swear
Never Let My Actions Define Who You Are
Cuz I Do For Me And My Own Like A Matching Pair
Im A Stronq Woman No Doubt About That
I Fight For What I Want
That Will Always Remain A Fact
Look At The Oblivious
Scenes Life Has Brought Me
I Speak Words Of The Heart Cuz Im Outspoken
Never Mind The Past Cuz The Bridges Are Broken
Dont Turn Back Always Live In The Moment
Growinq Up Gets Harder
Opportunity Movinq Seems You Need To Go Farther
Need To Do More To Accomplish
Thinqs In Life Im Like A Knight With No Armor
No Hint Of Where To Go
So i Start My Own Path

not finished

by Yolaine Viera

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