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Life Must Be Very Sad For Her

Life must be very sad for her so feeble, old and gray
From her bed helped to her wheelchair her life's hours tick away
A drive in the nursing home bus once a week with her elderly mates she does look forward to
She can only live for as long as she can but then that's all we all can do,
In her mid nineties she must be near the twilight of her life
For fifty years to a hard working man she was a devoted wife
He died some twenty years ago soon with him she will lay
In the old graveyard by the hill just a short drive away
From the nursing home where she now reside and though she knows her end is near
Her husband she is going to join so death she does not fear
Her daughter even growing old she now is seventy one
And her grandson in his early forties with a teenage daughter and son,
In her mid nineties and in need of care and her better days long gone
And only her great love for life it keeps her keeping on.

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