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Life Must Go On
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Life Must Go On

Poem By Lynn Henk

Sadness comes over me, as I gaze out over the cemetary.
I can't quite understand why he died, I only know that he is gone.
The minister says the words to try and comfort those who are in attendance,
but somehow, I don't think it helps, the wife sits there in tears, the family is stunned.
Why was he taken so suddenly?
The soldiers stand at attendance, rifles ready and a
flag is draped over the casket, in accordance with protocol.
Once the minister is through with his words, giving the person up to God,
the soldiers raise their rifles to shoot. Bang-bang-bang, the sounds of the rifles sound as one.
It almost seems to go through each one standing there.
Then a soldier plays taps, and there isn't a dry eye in the whole crowd.
Once he is near the end, another soldier plays taps again, but this time,
it is like an echo because he seems to be so far away.
Once he is done, two soldiers fold up the flag and it is presented to the widow.
It is done, the service is over, but life must go on.
She walks slowly, not even thinking what will happen next.

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Lynn; I give you big ten thank you for thinking of us. I have my site at San Joaquine Military Cemetary in California My wife of 55 years there waiting for me. I see it as a messenger of joy when we will in spirit meet again a poem I wrote for my late wife. Poetry by Charles Garcia Our Loved Ones No Longer There! I be no Longer There, Don't stand there by my grave and cry for I Be no longer there, did not die: Look up to the sky, I am the Breeze you feel I am the radiating moon Beams falling from the sky, I am the gentle Fallen rain, I am the celestial you gaze At will every night, I have left this Precious life for one of inestimable Eternity, for there I shall always be. Do not shed a single tear for I am not far away, I did not die, I will be Waiting, Waiting Patiently, inevitable for the day will come When you be there with me! Copyright ©2000 Charles Garcia