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Life Of A Glutton

Wining and dining here and then
do dwell on the dining table
an appetite far more insatiable
guzzling and gorging all the way.

Easily moved by pleasures of the table
bingeing and feasting on masses of food
salivating and drooling all the way
with flammable nose at scents of food.

Devourer of food at slightest chance
omnivorous animal far more wolfish
eating like a horse and like a pig
having large eyes bigger than stomach.

Getting easily tickled, up at palate
licking of lips, licking off chops
drooling at mere sight of dessert
up at keeping a good table.

Living to eat, not eating to live
living only for eating, else dying.

Such pitiable life of a glutton
a paragon of greed and disgust
with belly well cursed with obesity
a handsome reward for voracity.

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The aroma from the kitchen drives me wild Wild with excitement, to put it mild For in a short while I will find Delights that blow my mind. The king of the garden. Garlic is what I mean Roasted to release its fragrance That enhances not by chance The release of oils That Nature with a rush discloses. A wanton passion that can overcome Resistance until the feast is done When at last lust is sated. Memory remains, surrounded By thoughts of other feast That cause a stirring of the beast. Can you resist the urge To again indulge? s