Life Of A Native!

Travelling With the Winds,
Gazing at the Stars,
Crossing the Oceans,
Leaving Continents Behind,
In this Limited Earth,
The Global Village,
Not To Make it a Pillage,
To Survive the Journey,
To Lead the Path,
Or Change the Course,
Live the 'Life of a Native'!

Wherever You Go,
Whenever You Go,
Leaving Your Home,
To Far-off Lands,
Just For Pleasures,
To Simply Wander,
Or For a Purpose,
Full of Dreams & Aims,
To Find the Destiny,
Hidden in Strange Shores,
Ending in No Man's Land,
Live the 'Life of a Native'!

Learn The Vernacular,
Follow The Cultures,
Swallow Your Hungers,
With a Taste for Local,
Change Your Ways,
Not Your Values,
Spread The Scent,
Like a Garden Flower,
With Rainbow Colors,
To Adopt and To Survive,
Live the 'Life of a Native'!

Don't Count the Beans,
Don't Fill Your Pockets,
With a Commoner's Bent,
Work Hard and Smart,
Flaunt Like a King,
Play Like a Child,
Live and Rest in Peace,
Cherish and Flourish,
To be Everyone's Man,
And To Win Your Lady's Heart,
Live the 'Life of a Native'!

Capitalists Forgive,
Businessmen Forbid,
Employers Too Forget,
Investors Just Foray,
Rules to be Flipped,
Borders to be Flopped,
People to be Fortunate,
As Navigators Forever,
To Like and To be Liked,
To Love and To be Loved,
Live the 'Life of a Native'!

by Naga Vamshidhar Ratakonda

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