Life Of A Teenager

Life is full of thrills,
And life can be rough,
Yet life is full of chills,
And life can be tough,
Making decisions,
Fulfilling your dreams,
Choosing your future,
Isn't easy as it seems,
Dealing with pressure,
Dealing with school,
As people criticize you,
They make you look like a fool,
Drama and gossip,
Floating around,
People are talking,
No truth to be found,
Hang out with friends,
So the fun never ends,
Don't drink and drive,
..Maybe then you'll save a life,
Becareful who you trust...
Take a risk if you must,
Share all your laughter
Smile everyday
Forget all your problems
It's better that way,
Just know who you are,
Believe that you can make it
Live your life to the fullest.
And try not to break it.

Writen By: Trish Spencer

by Trish Spencer

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aww i love this poem, good job in expressing what things us teenagers go through.