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Life Of Me
AOD (May 23,1992 / North Carolina)

Life Of Me

Poem By Angel of Darkness

I can't stress enough,
Just how much I miss you,
The reality has kicked in,
But it's hard to believe it's true.

It's hard to take in,
So difficult to understand,
I still remember your face,
And the warmth of your hand.

I'm still caught in the days,
And I cry in the night,
Since you've been gone,
It's been hard to hold on tight.

My heart is still fragile,
I feel so weak inside,
And nobody really knows,
How many tears I've cried.

I can't describe this feeling,
Or what it's like to face the days,
I'm ok and then I break,
It's like an endless maze.

I can't stop missing you,
I long for you to be here,
I feel so lost and lonely,
When I remember the extent of your fear.

And it's really killing me inside,
Oh, it's tearing me apart,
Your loss has left me jaded,
Made its mark on my heart.

And I can't for the life of me,
Let you go or set you free,
No, I can't stop missing you,
Or the way it used to be.

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