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Life Of No Norms

Marx is born to offer
dialectic view of life
as markets fall
while economists collect data,
as clichés inventing collapse
for evils-incarnates.
In a life where norms are not followed
one dies, for wealth is the creed in warps,
while people like existing Machiavelli*
build breweries of wine and women.
Self-weal is a creed,
in an age of high speed
that preaches blood soaked life
of growth,
where crisis of beliefs disturbs,
and love of power prolongs a life,
of a public servant
in kidding self-interest.

It is a lesson of today's religious flavour
or men of pious words.

Here money means life and pattern
and system of life
that gives birth to many layers
of cultures,
wanting a footnote
that writes capital is stimulant
and a slouch in a cultural entity

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Rightly said..............10
A thoughtful poem, a very good beginning at PH.
But power belong to none, we are to know and remember.
Prem, welcome to Poem Hunter. This poem appears to be the first that you have posted on this site. Congratulations on a good start. Looking forward to reading many more of your poems in the future!