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Life On Earth Goes On As Usual

George W Bush bit into a pretzel but as he swallowed he struggled for breath
And he hit the floor in a weakness the President was near to death
But after an hour he recovered a graze on his face from his fall
And years from now in his autobiography the incident he will recall.

The President's many supporters gave a unified sigh of relief
If he had choked to death eating his pretzel the Nation would be rocked by grief
Yet in Afghanistan and Iraq there are many their Countries by bombings destroyed
Who don't hide the fact they feel sorry that President Bush had not died.

When President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in November in sixty three
Most of Americans mourned for their hero in one of their black moments in history
And Lyndon Baines Johnson took over and he too since to the reaper has gone
But it don't matter much who comes or who goes as life on the Planet goes on.

If George W Bush had died whilst eating his pretzel Americans would mourn their great loss
But life on Earth carried on after Jesus who died nailed to a cross
And he was far greater than Bush is in fact them you could not compare
And life on Earth goes on as usual though life for some not always fair.

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