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Life On No Hope Street

He is in a cocoon of sadness and stress
The poor bloke who lives at the No Hope Address
In the poor side of Town where job starts are rare
And where many are jobless and must live off of welfare
His marriage breakdown has separated him from his children who lives with their mum his ex wife
Who lives in the wealthier and leafier suburb with the new love of her life
In his rented one bedroom flat he struggles to pay rent
Before welfare payment day his last payment he has spent
Six months back in the height of the economic depression the factory he worked in was closed down
And employment wise things even worse now in the poor side of Town
'Tis hard when you are struggling just to make ends meet
In a one bedroom flat on old No Hope Street
Just for a job start he has searched far and wide
But due to his postal address of such he is denied.

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