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Life Or Death?

life and death,
a gamble in itself,
a maze as such,
which card were you dealt?
is life a game made to mess with your mind?
is there a paper that needs to be signed? a contract maybe that you cant decline,
would you sell your soul to the bearer of death?
the devil himself can cause you a mess
life isn't worth living you say to yourself but maybe you fell from the wrong shelf,
the path of death is not a decision, everyone takes it just not with precision,
the fog of life draws you down,
but when you find love you'll rise like a fountain,
drowning your sorrows in the pool of life and swimming forward forgetting your strife,
when you complete the maze you will see,
that life and death is not a game,
you can not gamble your soul away,
if you do you will only lose
so why make the effort? what will you prove? ?

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