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Life Or Death

Life or death? I ask myself.
Should i live or die, for there is nobody else
I love, I hate and nobody cares
I want to die but my life could be spared
I cant decide, i need to make a choice
I talk, I scream but no one hears my voice
I sit and decide to live or die
I choose to live while at least i try
Before i knew it, it was to late
a man came up and chose my fate
Life or death? you ask yourself
You should live for there is always somebody else
There is someone who feels just like you
Someone who cant decide what to do
Whether to live or to die is on your mind
Life should be the door you live behind
Because someone could end it before your eyes
And you now do not have the choice to live or die

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nice piece Cassy..but if i have to choose..i prefer 'OR' :)