LA (13/08/1990 / Melbourne, Australia)

Life Or Love?

Life or Love?

What do we live for?
Is love a part of life?
Do we live to love?
Love is like a knife

It’s sharp and bitter,
When rejected from my world.
I regret it dearly,
Why didn’t I hold on?

I want to keep on loving.
But he is just so cold.
I’m sad, he’s glad.
He doesn’t even know.

What is wrong with me?
Why do I remain?
He does not love me.
From pain I will not refrain.

I am not wanted.
I am not loved.
I am useless.
So why do I live?

I wait for the day
When he loves me back.
Waiting and hoping.
I cannot give up.

by Lara Alli

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Stretch for the stars they are in reach, thanks for the poem