Life Plus Over-Poem-Cauchy3

Bad sums are plus over.
Reach your prints on palm figures.
Seek your honors when prices are more.
Set by over setting to thinkers.

Quakers are good to bonus when treated.
Trick the good with evil realms.
Reams are ramped with static marks.
Bad lists are bad malls.

It is black mails or it is bad lists.
Political powers are quantum to full.
Loudness is sounds with gentle pitch.
Moneys are laced up shoes that are uppers.

Logics could be theory if powers extended.
Fawn men have forces at backs.
Relevance is back burners when reviewed.
Good dreamers bet the passes.

Your papers are rubber inks.
To win advantages you cover the fires.
Free the soccer to score free.
Morals roll as snows very thin.

by cheung shun sang

Comments (1)

an outstanding use of metaphors. the poet makes the reader visualize, not just read between the lines