Life Red Exit Sign

The days of life are short
They run unnoticeably slowly
As the gentle water flows
down the long water stream
The days pass with regularity
as the wheel of time turns
Month after month gone
Year after year gone
The stages of life roll by
in amazing procession
So gradually, so smoothly
You do not feel the transition
Some parts of life are hard
Full world of struggle
Some people the fortunate ones
days are happy and joyful
Others are not as lucky
They have sad days peppering their life
In long sonata of life
There arehappy moments
There are sad moments
They mingle together as wild tunes
It looks the journey has been long
Now it looks as it is almost over
The large exit sign looms near
The flickers seen in the horizon
It flashes red at day and at night
As the exit sign gets closer
Things are about to change
You never know precisely
when life is actually over
Farewell to all I care for
the friends and loved ones
Farewell to the world

by Sherif Monem

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A deep and nicely written poem, Sherif. Thank you