Life's A Ball

My mind wanders over the thought of you
No matter what I maybe going through
With mixed emotions
A drifting on this ocean.
An ocean full of wave hitting the shore
Something I cannot ignore
Not knowing where I want to be
As life does not give us any guarantees
As how long things will last
No matter how you look at your past

I hate it how you make feel guilty
Of my honesty and loyalty
To my family, friends and I cannot hide
Only wanting you be by my side
Guilty of feeling insecure
To myself I'm sure
Questioning what I'm doing
And weather I'm coming or going.

Knowing that your there for me
Even though I might be on my knees
Praying for your help to brightens up my day
Doesn't matter if it tomorrow, today or yesterday
You are always there
Full of unconditional love and care

Watching over me
Where no one can see
I look but unable to see
Just feeling the presence of thee
You answer my prays
Unconditionally in strange ways
Ways of that I am here for a reason
Not just a season

So thank you for your guidance
I greatly appreciated your acceptance and reassurance
Of whom I am
A strong, loving and caring woman
Who is going to stand up tall,
And enjoy life as it is meant to be a ball.

by Alice Cordy

Comments (2)

Where every life takes you I hope you have a ball, just remember I`ll always be here if you have a trip stumble or fall. LOLA bud xxx.
Wonderful poem my friend. I loved it's open depth of expression. Excellent piece.