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As I Awake This Morning
RVS (October 6,1950 / New Jersey)

As I Awake This Morning

As I awake I look for you but dont see you,
I look out the window and see that the skies are no longer blue..

Oh how I miss you, your smile the very thing that could light up a dark room, now the doom has my very heart consumed, as if my heart was dragged under a broom...

But at that very moment a light goes on in my head, maybe I am not dead, but yet sleeping instead, but the very pain of being without you I dread, maybe it's just a night mare from a book i once read...

Waking up without you near me hurts me, I just pray that this feeling flees me, and that one day soon we can be together like it was meant to be...

Going to bed now pray to see you when I awake.

Written By the Truth Teller

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Pablo Neruda

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A touching poem, although personal, has universal appeal.
Listen Roseann my child. This masterpiece is so impressive and yet so depressing. It has only one short shade of a central color and it is isolated - though very bright, its character is a burden of maturity... Listen... my child. Perfect piece!
Our story is not over as long as I still remember you with love. Very touching indeed, and a well-writ poem. I must read your poems more.
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