RVS (October 6,1950 / New Jersey)

Life's Black Curtains

Lost and alone, thoughts at a distance, heart heavy
with sorrow.

Touched deeply by your life, not wanting to let go,
yet knowing I must.

In my heart forever, indelibly printed on my soul,
etched in memory's mind.

Touched frequently by the tears of your loss, trying
to hold them as tiny reminders of what we used to have.

They disappear, never become tangible so I may keep them
like a treasure of your love.

With love, I will remember you all my life, for you are
a part and parcel of what we had.

Sharing now that you are no longer here is difficult - I
hear only the constant echoes of your silence.

Walking away from our favorite places, I leave a little
of self behind each time - soon there will be nothing
left of me.

Wanting to reach out and grasp again what we once had
is an empty gesture, filled with pain and emptiness,
because you are not here to reach out to me.

Our relationship on earth will never be, it has been
severed by death's insistence in our lives.

Listening to you with my heart, seeing your reply in
the salted tears that continue to fall.

Your life was called and you answered fully, not leaving
anything behind.

Our story is not over as long as I still remember you with

Taking down the black curtains, life is still being lived
on earth.

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Listen Roseann my child. This masterpiece is so impressive and yet so depressing. It has only one short shade of a central color and it is isolated - though very bright, its character is a burden of maturity... Listen... my child. Perfect piece!
Our story is not over as long as I still remember you with love. Very touching indeed, and a well-writ poem. I must read your poems more.
insistence noun [ U ] uk ​ /ɪnˈsɪs.təns/ us ​ /ɪnˈsɪs.təns/ ​ an occasion when you demand something and refuse to accept opposition, or when you say firmly that something is true This poem is scheduled, nay destined, to grace my October Showcase on my PH site, found in my list of poems under October 2018. bri :) thanks
(cont.) https: //friendsofoakgrovecemetery.org/victorian-funeral-customs-fears-and-superstitions *** *** to find out some 'old customs' associated with death and the period before burial took place in Victorian times, i'd say in Western Society, like Britain and America. **e.g. Curtains would be drawn and clocks would be stopped at the time of death...curtains may have been Black Curtains! to MyPoemList. bri :)
(cont.) BUT, RoseAnn, are you speaking of a personal love of your life, which it sounds like 'you' are? but....who knows if you are OR not? ? i don't. surely you've done a wonderful job getting your thoughts/emotions across/acrost to me at least, though i'm not done reading. AND (another) surely ...you must admit that the following is not quite accurate: Your life was called and you answered fully, not leaving anything behind..... (cont.)
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