Life's Companion

Fear, is life's companion.
And death's from which it springs.
So do not drink its water.
Refresh in other things.

Life, which has no father.
No faith to make its form.
Is destined to be famished,
As that's the troubled norm.

Life's not born of wisdom.
It's born of having faith.
For that's the form of substance
Contained in every wraith.

Every life's companion
Shall fade as time goes by.
If man can find the courage,
That says you shall not die.

Here is life's true wisdom,
That fear may fade away.
Believe you have a father,
And you shall drink each day.


Comments (31)

absolutely marvelous, such deep and powerful and insightful message, well penned.
If you believe in the divine Father then death has been conquered. nicely written
i like it needs a little worck but over all a 9!
great write with a great attitude-10
very deep and meaningful........great write
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