Life’s Great... Er… Sucks

Poem By Mark R Slaughter

Life’s great!

I’m flowing in a great big circle,
Spinning as I go.
And ev’ry step I care to take,
I hop and skip for show.

Then I loop the loop three times
And somersault with glee;
Oops I tripped –
Going down...
Agh! I’ve cracked my knee!

I’m lying in the ward in pain,
Crying for the nurse,
And ev’ry time I move my leg
I scream another curse.

She shouts at me and threatens violence.
‘What’s the bloody point? (Says I)
There’s no need –
I’ve done the deed –
I buggered up me joint! '

Life sucks!

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2009

life life life life life life
it sucks

Comments about Life’s Great... Er… Sucks

Sometimes life is like this, but it's great isn't it? good write 10 Lynda xx

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