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Life's Highest Goal
( / Frackville, Pennsylvania)

Life's Highest Goal

Men and women devote their lives
Seeking and searching for gold
Clamoring they must prepare for
The time when they are old.

They plot to seek possession
Of many materialistic things
To display before their neighbors
What success and wealth bring.

What are their true and worthy possessions
When they depart from this earth at last
And realize there is no earthly thing
To which they can hold fast?

The only things they really possess
Are in their heart and soul.
So filling these with moral values
Should be their life's highest goal.

Thus, when the world fades from their view,
And their time on earth is done,
The only possessions they take with them
Is what their soul has graciously won.

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This poem is a bit too preachy. It is better to speak metaphorically and allow the reader to arrive at conclusions than to spoon feed them categorical elements.