Life's Human Revival

Perfect moon within a purple mist
You make my spirit wave my wrist
I think I need you planet in the sky
To tell the truth I don't know why!
Please be there when I look out my window
Comfort me while I enjoy each star twinkling so!
And when I sleep after saying a prayer
I'll look for you perfect moon with your face up there
It was a giant step for Neil and Buzz
To walk on you planet moon where the space was
Heroes of red, white and blue simply on a torn rag
I wonder what the man was thinking when he planted the flag
After a twenty-eight hour countdown
Everyone watched for sights and sound
A thunderous burst occured lifting a rocket to the sky
This amazing adventure for all humankind to say good-bye
Were the astronauts serving God to protect the United States?
For proof of man's innovation that was never too late
Never forgeting this mating of Columbia and Eagle is a rebirth
These astronauts accomplish splashing back to Earth
Rotating in their cycle like a chain reaction
Giving me such a feeling of satisfaction
Because it proves to me that life must take it's course
Even if man is not ready to accept this source

by Kim Elizabeth Obara

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