Life's Journey

Poem By Li'l One

So many years lived within the Dark
Hiding from life
But this will is strong
This mind determined
And this soul tenacious

Basking in the light
Face upturned
Chin raised proud
Shoulders stand tall
Without their burdens

Always there waiting
The dark cavernous crack
Making your heart grow heavy
Your soul grow weary
Trying to break your mind

Tendrils of Darkness
Awaiting to spread throughout
To do battle for your sanity
Cloud from you what is good
Taking from you your hope

So tempting to yield
Into darks embrace
Like an old friend
Knowing it’s so dangerous
Yet allowing it to court you

Always there waiting
The bright glowing crack
Fighting for survival
Remembering there is good
Giving you hope

Basking in the light
Once again, standing tall
Time to rejuvenate
Prepare for the next battle
Life’s journey will throw me next

Comments about Life's Journey

life's journey enriched with the good, the bad and the ugly is actually an added spices to your food of path.
I applaud and encourage you for fighting against the darkness. I have known it as well and the fight to remain in the light is a worthy one.

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