Life's Ladder Of Time

This is a ladder that appears
In everyone's time and Years.
We climb by one step at a time,
Proudly reaching out without a whine
Not thinking who we may crush down
With our heads so high climbing round by round.
If you walk by those you pass,
Without realizing that they are a part of your
Climb on! Climb on! until you reach the top,
Can't go any further you must stop.
Can you realize the time of coming down is so
To look in the face of those you didn't have
time to cheer.
Standing there trembling on the top,
As you hear the voice call, come down you
must stop.
Crying within your self. Lord is there another
way down?
Just let me fall, let me fall,
until I know I've passed them all.
Time tells the story of our lives,
No matter how long we live
Some live and some give,
While others seek to kill.
Stop and think of the ladder as you climb,
year by year with good and bad all

by Edythe Sims

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