Life's Lesson

Poem By Varsha Madhulika

Since the nights are sweet
As you encumber my voyage
Deep down into psychic land
I often visit in my mundane time
Recharging my exhausting store
To paint a world full of hope
Gathering life points to survive;
I choose to be still for a while
Analysing every event that syncope
Realizing the ray of hope never fail to drop
The life saving ounce needed to survive;
And I opportunistic never miss
The aim I have destined to meet
No matter success or failure
I invested my best part
Something good will definitely shine
For darkness and light though opposite
Complement each other to the fullest
Bringing good of each part
Right when it's needed.

Comments about Life's Lesson

No matter success or failure I invested my best part Something good will definitely shine.... //.... It's a poem of hope and optimism. Do the best to the world and the best will come back to you. Nicely articulated theme.
There is always a streak of light at the end of the tunnel. It is our duty to keep on walking. That is why we are born. Those who don't move ahead are already dead. A nice poem with a strong message. Thanks for sharing.
It is always precious to be optimistic and you are so. Hope You’ll always overcome all odds.

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